EOC exams
EOC exams
Posted on 12/02/2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Because the EOC exams are required for graduation, students who do not pass the exams will be required to retake EOC exams the week of December 5th- 9th. Retaking the EOC exams will count for graduation.  The following test will be administered. 

  • English 1 – Monday 12/05/16 (a.m.)
  • Algebra 1 – Tuesday 12/06/16 (a.m.)
  • English 2 – Wednesday 12/07/16 (a.m.)
  • Biology - Thursday 12/08/16 (a.m.)
  • U.S. History – Thursday 12/08/16 (afternoon)

Make up Testing Completed Friday 12/09/16

Please understand this process, including the EOC exams, is very important to the success of your student; however, we are here to provide support and information to you and your student as we move forward. Please do not hesitate to contact G.L. Wiley (254-757-3829) if you have any questions.